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HIIT Cardio: What is it? Exercises, Benefits, & More

HIIT Cardio: What is it? Exercises, Benefits, & More

HIIT cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, is a workout routine that alternates between both low and high intensity exercises. Interval training has been around for many years. In 1912 a long-distance runner, Hannes Kolehmainen, used interval training to prepare for the Olympics.
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Magnesium Glycinate: Side Effects, Benefits for Anxiety, Sleep & More

Magnesium glycinate is a natural health supplement. Magnesium is the fourth most important mineral in the human body. It plays a vital role in many body processes – blood pressure, insulin and sugar metabolism, and muscle contractions. Magnesium also helps to prevent disease and maintain your overall health. Studies show that taking low level doses of a magnesium supplement can help with some chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and risk of stroke...
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Beard Oil: How to Use, Recipe, Benefits & Where to Buy

Beard oil has become one of the top personal care products bought by men with beards. But exactly what does beard oil do and should you use it? Beard oil is a grooming product used by men to keep their beard and skin healthy. It also acts as a cologne, giving your beard a pleasant smell depending on what brand and scent you choose. All beard oils have two common ingredients...
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Water Ionizer – What is It? Benefits, Side Effects & Where to Buy

There is a huge market for ionized water that contains higher levels of alkaline than your regular tap water. Before you make the decision to drink ionized water, there are some important factors to consider. First of all, just what is ionized water, and should you be drinking it? Ionized water is more alkalized than water that is acidic, having a pH level of over 7.0. This means it contains a lower concentration...
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As a weekend warrior, dedicated gym go-er, or even causal health food enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the word “macro” thrown around. “If it fits your macros” is a popular phrase used by those who count or balance their macros to help them achieve or maintain a healthy weight or weight goal. So, what are macros, and how does this latest diet craze work? Simply stated, macros is short for...
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